Get Involved


If you would like to help the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, you can contact us at:

Phone: +962.6489.2680

P.O. Box 1253 – Amman, Jordan 11118


If you would like to volunteer with the boys, please fill out the web form below.

Please note that we make a distinction between interns and volunteers. Interns have specific projects for which they are largely responsible, completing these assignments in a minimum of three months at an average of 20 hours per week. Volunteers may or may not have a distinctive job function, yet always work on a regular basis while arranging their schedules around other commitments.

Upon receiving an interview, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to download  the Volunteer Agreement form and bring the document (printed and  filled out) with you to the center.



Regarding letters of recommendation:

The Volunteer Coordinator of the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein is happy to write letters of recommendation for volunteers whenever appropriate. If you are interested in having a letter of recommendation written on your behalf, please provide at least two weeks notice, and provide the information requested in the items below.

1. One paragraph explaining how you came to know of the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, how long you have worked there, and in what capacity.
2. One paragraph detailing your professional achievements, measures of these achievements, special projects, the subject of a paper of which you are especially proud related to your work at the orphanage, etc. How did you interact with the boys of the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, how much did you contribute to general growth/language learning of the boys at the orphanage overall? What are your work habits like?
3. One paragraph about your integration into the life of the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein. Describe your involvement in the local community, orphanage clubs, local and international political initiatives/activism, conferences, etc.
4. One paragraph about your personality.
5. One paragraph if applicable about one particular service projects you have completed.
6. Add any information that you think is particularly relevant for the specific use of the letter, or any other particulars you think are important but not included in the above items.
7. Submit a résumé if you have one prepared.