Product & Service Donations

Gifts-in-kind is defined as a non-cash donation of goods or services. The Mabarrat Um Al Hussein relies heavily on product and service donations that support the fulfillment of our development and humanitarian assistance goals. We can integrate your organisation’s donated products or services into our work.

Because of your active involvement, the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein has conscientiously contained expenses so that we are able to maximise on the benefits for the children and retain the trust of our donors.

If you are interested in donating either products or services to the Mabarrat Um Al Hussein, we would greatly appreciate your donation of the following items:

  • Facility access for holding Mabarrat Um Al Hussein events and field trips.
  • Snacks and beverages to for participants during our events.
  • Desktop computers and monitors for computer labs.
  • Books and toys to be placed in fun play areas.
  • Furniture for computer labs.
  • Meals (We provide meals for 2000 children during the Holy month of Ramadan and Christmas).
  • Toys (give to around 2000 children during the Holy month of Ramadan and Christmas).
  • Renovation of facilities (paint etc).
  • Lunches or dinners for our volunteers who so willingly give of their time to help us.
  • Gift certificates, gift packages and gift items to be used as incentives for our teams of volunteers.

Please call us at +9626 489 2680 if you are interested in donating or learning more about gift-in-kind opportunities.