Corporate Sponsorship

Mabarrat Um Al Hussein specialises in developing mutually-beneficial, strategic partnerships that meet your objectives, helping to differentiate you from the market, while delivering lasting change for marginalised and vulnerable children. Our strength enables us to find a balance between the needs of the children we serve and the business objectives of our corporate partners.

Corporate philanthropy sends a clear message to employees and customers that your bottom line involves giving back. With our expertise, network and projects we are uniquely placed to tailor partnerships that meet your specific business needs.

While there are different ways to frame the benefits because they are interrelated, they will generally include the following:

  • Improved business reputation and positive publicity through opportunities to generate positive media coverage and active involvement with the local community.
  • Networking and speaking opportunities.
  • Attracting and retaining new consumers and business affiliates who respect company’s values
  • A good reputation, making it easier to recruit employees.
  • Enhanced employee relations that yield better results.
  • Maximised brand affinity and equity.
  • Increased sales and competitive lead through cause-related marketing.
  • Increased HR influence by ensuring ethical decisions that have a positive impact on business goals.
  • Assisting the development of new products and services through understanding the wider impact of your business.

We look to engage our partners across the full range of our work. To contact us about the specific ways your company can get involved, please call us at +9626 489 2680.